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Colonia San Rafael II Block R Casa 7

Ahuachapan, El Salvador CA






 Churches are built out of concrete block and include a sanctuary and classrooms for Sunday School and church activities.  We ask each team to bring $4,200 for  construction which cover materials and professional local labor.
1.  Parsonage at the Methodist Church in Los Horcones, just outside of Ahuachapan.
2. Rebuilding the church and clinic at Vida Nueva church in San Salvador. We envision erecting a new two story building that will house both a church and a clinic. 


Medical Clinics

 We host medical teams and  arrange for them to set up mobile clinics in
impoverished communities and provide medical services for free.  Medical
teams are responsible for providing their own supplies and medicines.  The process for getting permits for medications to enter El Salvador is lengthy.  Paperwork must be filed 90 days prior to your arrival in order to make sure there is no problems at customs.


Additionally the Methodist Church in El Salvador maintains a Methodist Medical Clinic in Ahuachapan. The Methodist Clinic seeks to help people who are in need of medical services but that do not have the resources to pay to be seen at a traditionally staffed private clinic in El Salvador.  The Methodist Clinic only charges $5.00 and medicines are always dispensed free of charge.  The clinic is always in need of medicines please let us know if you or your church would like to help keep the pharmacy stocked and we will send you the information you need. 

Bible School

There is no shortage of children in El Salvador and they are an important part of SMP's ministry.  All teams are welcome to do bible school while working in El Salvador.  Children go to school half days (either in the morning or the afternoon)  so any time of year is ideal to have bible school.  Teams will need to provide their own material and supplies.  If you need to have a translator for your bible school let us know and we can line that up 



Food Distribution

Using funds brought by your team we will purchase staple dry goods that the team will repackage into large plastic bags.  Your team then distributes the food in small groups to families in communities that we are familiar with.  The food bags are distributed in the form of a home visit so that the team members will get a chance to talk and pray with the families that are receiving the food as well as invite them to worship with us. We ask the teams participating in this ministry bring $1,000 to purchase the food that you will be distributing. Any bags that your team does not distribute are put into the church's food bank for distribution by Methodist churches throughout El Salvador. 


Home Construction

  We construct simple homes of concrete block for families who own property but either live in overcrowded or sub-standard conditions.  The homes built by SMP are simple 36 square meter homes built from a government approved plan.  Houses are built for both church members and non church members.  There is an application and review process to ensure that the families being serviced can not obtain a home through any other means.  The cost to build a home is $6,000 which covers the cost of materials and local professional labor.


New Ideas

 While the previous 5 projects are ongoing with the Methodist Church in El Salvador we are always open to new ideas.  If your team has an idea and a plan run it by us and we will do our best to help make it happen.  In the past we have done sewing classes, Women's Bible studies, Girls Empowerment Bible studies, youth retreats, clergy round tables and even swimming classes.